Michael T. Profile Thumb

Michael T.

4 days ago

The staff was very helpful with me the lease and worked with me with the income and lease agreement and even bypasted the security deposit was plus

Lanae S. Profile Thumb

Lanae S.

12 days ago

The staff is extremely nice but slightly unorganized. The units are very run down and out dated; however, this is to be expected for the price.

Noelle N. Profile Thumb

Noelle N.

12 days ago

Very good deal for the price. I enjoy the amenities, the gym is a lot nicer than other apt complex's gyms in Tally. My one complaint would be maintenance not actually completing work and marking it complete.

Greta B. Profile Thumb

Greta B.

13 days ago

Great community and very quiet area. Amenities offered within the gym could require more equipment. Staff is very nice and neighbors are very friendly

aime*@*.com Profile Thumb


19 days ago

The place is very clean and the pool is very pretty. The gym is a great place to visit. The houses are a great, comfortable size and our neighbors are extremely nice.

Dylan S. Profile Thumb

Dylan S.

20 days ago

I loge this place. They are very good at responding to maintenance requests. Plus the housing is nice for what your paying. Parking is great.

Xavier F. Profile Thumb

Xavier F.

20 days ago

The meridian is great at responding immediately to maintenance requests. The gym is great and the pool is deeper than 4 ft. The office staff are nice

Steven M. Profile Thumb

Steven M.

20 days ago

I’ve had a great experience with the meridian so far. Staff has been quick with solving issues and everything in my apartment is working perfectly fine